How to recycle paper bags

How to recycle paper bags

Paper bag

The question is how to recycle paper bags? The recyclable paper bags are those bags that made by paper. It is easy and able to recycle by some process, without harm our environments. After use, we should through it in the garbage can or take it for other works. The differences of paper and plastic bags is. The paper bags are compostable and plastic bags are not. It will be spoil after someday. It will be, spoiled when it is fallen outside of the home. It cannot harmful to our environment.

Why do we need to use Recyclable paper bags?

Every day we can use it in many ways in our life. Those shopping bags you bring home from the department store and other retailers. We can use it for shopping and daily activities. Also, use it where we ware use polyethylene bags. Many companies are making paper bags very well designed.

 They are trying to give it to look gorgeous. Try to attract those customers who use the poly bag before. 

Use it to make some art craft because some paper bag has been carrying beautiful monogram. It can be use in your home decorating by cutting paper bag pieces. Otherwise, we can use it to make a fire outside the home to spoil.

At first, we need to know what the paper bag is. Let’s go, we have to deep dive about the paper bag.


What the paper bag is? 

Paper bags meanings a bag which one made by paper. It is looking very beautiful and natural. You can make it in your home. However, many factories are available in our country they make paper bags by automatic machines. That is why we found paper begs in our nearest shop. Not only the nearest shop but also are available online market place. Like AMAZON, ALIBABA, ALIXPRESS, etc.  



How can we make paper bags easy way in our home?


  • First, we need a wide paper. It can be color, pattern, monogrammed, magazine and any type of paper you can use for what kind of design you want. That is you keep in your mind. However, we must ensure the paper is long and without any tear.                               

  • Expand it on your floor. Then we need some materials.

Materials we will need

  • Paper for makes a beautiful bag.

  • A pencil for draw the bag shapes.

  • Ruler for paper measurement helps to make a nice bag. 
  • A sharp scissor for cutting out wide paper to the right way to paper bag.

  • Papers glue to join your paper corner.

  • Two Rope to make a good, strong and beautiful handle.

  • Last one pin for a strongly hanging rope.

  • First, we can do it; after expanding draws your design that is you keep in your mind.
  • You need to use your ruler to right measure without losing any inch in your paper. Moreover, do not like to waste paper.
  • Cut your paper slowly and carefully on your drawing path that we have done before.
  • Then we need to join each other every corner of our cutting paper. Do it very carefully as much as possible. This step is very crucial for beautiful looking for a bag. If you are not doing it well, your bag will be an ugly look.
  • A thin piece of rope or ribbon works to create a handle.

  • Gather materials like stencils, feathers, glitter, paint, and coloring pens and crayons to decorate your bag.


The meaning of recycle is, convert (waste) into reusable material or return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.

How to recycle paper bag

We can recycle paper bags many ways.

1.  Curbside recycling/ Kerbside collection 


All over the world, curbside collection is a service provided to households, typically in urban and suburban areas, of collecting to disposing of household waste things to recycle. It is usually accomplished by personnel using specially built vehicles to pick up household waste in containers that are acceptable to, or prescribed by the municipality, that are placed on the kerb.

2. P

 To avoid contaminating your local recycling stream, toss your soiled paper bags in the trash, or remove all soiled portions before recycling the remainder of the bag.

 3.  Drop off recycling:


 If you’re without a curbside recycling program, you can often drop off paper bags for recycling with your other paper goods. Just be sure they’re free of contaminants and folded neatly to conserve space.

4.  Composting: 

If your paper bags are printed with either soy or vegetable-based dyes, then by all means, tear up your paper bags and put them in your compost pile or your worm bin. Conventional dyes made with heavy metals can be toxic and shouldn’t be used in compost that will be applied to a garden that produces food.

  At the end:

We should clean our home, office, and the world. Other wise we will die soon. also we should clean our natural place where we like to visit. Where the nature are growing. We do not through dust and plastic product anywhere.

How to recycle paper bags

How to recycle paper bags Paper bag The question is how to recycle paper bags? The recyclable paper bags are those ba...